Being Sky Blue

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Supporting the Sky Blues can often be seen as a chore,
I repeatedly get asked what I do it for.
All most people crave is some form of success,
But as Coventry supporters we haven’t been blessed.
No top six finish for nearly fifty years,
Relegations, frustrations and plenty of tears.

A years’ exile in Northampton reopened old scars,
We’re now back at the Ricoh but it’s never been ours.
Gone are the days of playing the big boys at Highfield Road,
When the goals from Huckerby and Dublin flowed.
We sit hopelessly reminiscing about what could have been,
Then we remember getting beaten twice by Forest Green.

Now in the basement division of the Football League,
Arresting this decline is not a want but a need.
Our fall from grace has left a sour taste on the tongue,
But the Sky Blue Army are still standing strong.
Taking 43,000 fans to Wembley showcased the potential,
And the numbers we take away remain monumental.

The passion of the fan base still rings out so loud,
Passed down in sky blue blood that runs so proud.
With flags aplenty and names steeped in our faith,
It gives us a buzz that can never be replaced.
All of the pain we’ve suffered has been difficult to bare,
But this is OUR club, OUR City, OUR deep love affair.